Celia Aniskovich


Executive Producer and Director, Untitled Feature Doc (Good Caper Content|Discovery+)

Series Producer, Untitled Series (October Films|HBO Max|3x60)

Director & Producer, Untitled Feature Doc (Dorothy Street Pictures|MRC Studios|1x90)

Host/Writer/Producer, Untitled Series  (GiganticPictures|Investigation Discovery Podcasts)

Host/Writer/Reporter, Spy Affair (Wondery Original Podcasts)

Director, Impact of Murder  (October Films|Investigation Discovery|1x60)

Producer, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein (Bungalow|Lifetime|4X60)

Producer, Hiroshima  and Nagasaki: 75 Years Later (October Films|History Channel| 1x120)

Producer, First Ladies (October Films|CNN|6x60)

Co-Producer, How to Fix a Drug Scandal (Jigsaw|Netflix|4x60)

Field Producer, Untitled Feature Doc (Dorothy Street Pictures|Apple TV|1x90)

Field Producer, Fear City: New York vs The Mafia (Raw TV|Netflix|4x60)

Story Researcher, The Preppie Murder: Death in Central Park  (Bungalow Media|Sundance/AMC|4x60)

Associate Producer, I, Sniper (Arrow Media|Netflix&PBS|6x60)

Associate Producer, America’s War on Drugs  (Talos Films|History Channel|4x120)

Researcher, The New Yorker Presents (Jigsaw|AmazonStudios|11x30)

Post-Production Coordinator, The Americans (Fox Television Studios|FX|13x60)

Production Associate, (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies (NBCUniversal|CNBC|1x90)

Production Associate, White Collar Convicts: Life on the Inside (NBCUniversal|CNBC|1x60)

Page, NBCUniversal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


In house development producer at Talos Films for two years as well as a freelance development producer for the following companies:

Jigsaw Productions
Bungalow Media and Entertainment
October Films
Momentum Content
Maverick TV
The Documentary Group
Red Heaven Films
ITV America
Atomized Studios
Good Caper Content

For these production companies I have developed documentaries, docu-dramas and scripted content for Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, Quibi, CNN, Snapchat, ESPN, History, NatGeo, PBS, Discovery and others.


Series Archive Producer, The Crimes that Changed Us  (October Films|Discovery ID|8x60)

Archive Producer, George Floyd: A Nation Responds (October Films|Discovery ID|1x60)

Archive Producer, The Mystery of D.B.Cooper (Minnow Films|HBO|1x90)

Archive Producer, The Phantom (Oxford Films|1x90)

Archive Producer, Life on Ice (Independent|DocShort)

Archive Producer, I, Sniper (Arrow Media|Vice & BBC|6x60)

References available upon request.

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